Unitots - Infant to Three Years Old

 Easter Egg Hunt

9am and 11am Sundays  

The Unitot Room offers a safe and loving childcare environment for babies and toddlers. These little ones are growing quickly and learning something new every moment. We help make their church time a positive experience.

Children's Spiritual Education

11am Sundays

Shining Stars: Preschool - Three, Four and Five-year Olds

Our curriculum is designed to help our children experience themselves as divine beings through song, stories, games, affirmations, meditations, and creative activities.

 Easter Egg Hunt   

Unikids I: Kindergarten, First and Second Grade

Children are exploring their spiritual unfolding through lessons, creative expression, prayer, meditation, affirmations, stories, and connection with one another. All of this offers them the opportunity to grow spiritually.

Unikids II: Third, Fourth and Fifth Grades

As our youth grow older, they enjoy more opportunities for discussion. We challenge them to think, reason, and solve problems using Unity Principles and teachings. They continue their self-exploration through meditation, activities and conversation.

Christopher Kranz, Director of Youth Education